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Calories Information
Calorie values for all foods, plus information about calorie needs and expenditure, plus diet support.

Diet Links and Dieting Information
The Diet Index.

Exercise & Nutrition for Losing Weight
Learn how to lose weight with effective exercise, diet, nutrition, metabolism, energy balance and fat oxidation to lose fat permanently. Create a weight loss program to suit lifestyle and body types.

The Facts About Fitness
About diet, supplements, muscle gain and weight loss.

Heart Health for Life
Heart bypass survivor explains the real causes of a heart attack. Cholesterol isn't the villain. Here's what is...and what you can do about it.

High Cholesterol, Low Cholesterol Diet & LDL Cholesterol
Information on how to handle high cholesterol and useful guidelines on maintaining a healthy low cholesterol level.

Nutrition Focus
Registered dietitian for ALL of your weight loss and/or nutritional needs. Check out our free tips, recipes, articles, calculators, advice and more! We offer services online.

Obesity Surgery Calculator
Use our calculator to see if you may have a chance of qualifying for obesity surgery.

Quick Easy Vegetarian Cooking
A comprehensive Chinese vegetarian cookbook.

Weight Loss List
Information about weight loss programs involving weight loss surgery.

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